Update firmware using WIC image

  1. Turn off the power of the device.

  2. Eject the microSD card.

  3. Download latest firmware

  4. If the WIC image is compressed with tar.gz format, extract the petalinux-sdimage.wic.tar.gz file using tar command. For example,

    tar -xvzf petalinux-sdimage.wic.tar.gz
  5. Flash the extracted petalinux-sdimage.wic image into the SD card.
    • Flash the WIC image in Linux: To flash the WIC image to SD card in Linux machines, connect the SD card to the host system and use the dd command:

      dd if=petalinux-sdimage.wic of=/dev/sd<X> conv=fsync


      You need sudo access to do this.

    • Flash the WIC image in Windows: To flash the WIC image to the SD card in Windows, you can use any of the following:
      • BalenaEtcher tool

      • Win32DiskImager

  6. Insert the SD card into the device.

  7. Power on the device.